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"LiftOperator" Intelligent Control - Comming Soon.

Area of Application

The LiftOperator Intelligent Control is the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market. With an emergency stop button that can stop the lift mid-cycle and an audible safety alert that can bring a stranded user to the attention of your facility personnel, the LiftOperator ensures user safety. The control's internal memory stores information about pool lift usage that can be pulled onto a standard USB drive, and uploaded onto your computer for analysis. The optional Activation Key prevents unauthorized use - ideal for unattended pool environments


LiftOperator brings together self-diagnostics, security, safety and energy management in a single integrated design

  • Backwards compatible with all RMT, S.R. Smith and other common pool lifts
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Hand control activated audible safety alert
  • True operational redundancy — lift can be operated from the control box and the handset.
  • Optional access key to prevent unauthorized use
  • Locking plate assembly to secure battery
  • Downloadable performance log
  • Battery charge status LED
  • Energy effi cient (up to 20 times more effi cient than common controls)
  • Patent pending

Four different models

  • Two Button Control
  • Two Button Control w/key
  • Four Button Control
  • Four Button Control w/key